Sweet Marie

I was 21 years when I wrote this song
I’m 22 now, but I won’t be for long
Walking through the street, seeking good news
Hell there ain’t no shame in trying to lose your blues
There I heard about sweet Marie, she’s supposed to know what to do
Taking you by the hand, and leading you through
Finding her ain’t easy, but I read about a man
A most peculiar one who can’t do what he can
Black garb, darker tide, with laughter to hide
In his kingdom of his watchtower, overlooking the subside
From his seat in a box he’s watching the crossroad in the sky
Of black and blue, of truthless and untrue
Of Judas and Jesus, of me and of you
He didn’t know my name and I didn’t know the game
Oh I guess it is my youth that was to blame
He didn’t want to deal with me so I had to see
That I was out of there, before he counted to three
Well I never caught the side of sweet Marie
But I guess it is ok, to keep a mystery
The memory I gained is the one that I’ve lost
Part of winning is paying the losing cost
Now I stand here, the time it is gone
The truth is I will lose some more
Before I go after my unfamiliar friend
On his way out through the closing door

© Words and Music by Ian Andrews