A Song For You

You can travel among the stars
Hitchhike the road in the next car
Fly with owls, eagles and with sparrows
And walk through streets broad and narrow

You can swim through seas of grass
Light a fire on the mountain
Take a bath beneath eternity
And climb the highest tree

You can ignore the stranger’s hand
Or embrace him just like a friend
Cause it’s better to live life with regrets
Than without a love you can try to forget

May you find out
There’s no need to treat one less
When you walk through open doors
As many people’s guest

Have a heart for people of all kind
Hold on to each and every friend you find
And if someone pushes you to the ground
Remember you see the floor where they make their rounds

But before you have to challenge
All those memories
You have time as your friend
To explore the world of being free

To get up as early as to
See the morning dew’s rebirth
Sitting there listening to the wind
Finding the answers you deserve

Still no matter what
Yeah they your sun and your moon
Will always be there to cover you
In the duvet of the stars
And love you with a love
As a love can be true

So whether you choose to take the train
Or walk the railroad tracks
Keep this in your heart
And keep this on your mind
You will always see two friends
When you turn and look behind

© Words and Music by Ian Andrews