Whiskey's There For Me

I like drinkin' my whiskey
Out of joy or of grieve
On a hot summer night
Or a cold winter eve
When the nights are lonely
When I'm drownin' in blues
When I'm out on the run
Cut off and loose
I know there ain’t nothing in the world for free
But my whiskey’s gonna be there for me
I don't need no doctor
Cause when I'm feelin sick
I take a sip of the bottle
Call that a simple trick
And if you're tellin me
That ain’t no good for you
Then I sure I know that you don't know
What a whiskey can do
I know that mine is gonna see me through
And I hope that yours is gonna get you too
So if you can
Enjoy your whiskey too
We could get along
And drink the whole night through
But you can only keep
My company
If you don't try
To steal my whiskey from me
I know there ain’t nothing in this world for free
But my whiskey's gonna stay with me

© Words and Music by Ian Andrews