Roadside Rose

Thumbing she was at the side of the street
I picked her up, said: “It’s nice to meet”
“Well if you’re so nice could you please take me
To where this road might lead?!”
Her hair was long, her talk was short
She clearly was a different sort
Beautiful for each to see
A silent mystery to me
Our ways parted when I let her out
The silence grew just way too loud
And I went on to find me a place
To find some rest from the human race
But finding a place to rest your head
Can turn into a dragging dread
An hour ago was half past dead
And I still haven’t found me a bed
So there I was out on my own
With no place to call home
Only to find her again
Trying to make me her man
She took me up to her flat downtown
Where I first saw her eyes of golden brown
And I could see those eyes imply
To never ask the question why
There she hooked me up with a ride
So good I just couldn’t hide
That this favour made me feel
Like I’m the real big deal
Oh it was too late that I realised
I picked me up a roadside rose in human size
With thorns so poison you could cry
And thoughts so dark that you could die

© Words and Music by Ian Andrews