Queen Of Hearts

I'm waiting to take the morning train
I know cause the sunshine feels like rain
My company is a bottle of devil's blood
And I raise the bottle to fill my cup
The memory of her is a watching shadow in my sight
A beauty made in hell, a divine delight
With a heart of fire comsuming the earth
The kind of fire giving a man's life birth
Ever since I've been waiting for the grateful dead
He's taking care of everyone, a fortune I never had
Well life plays itself and is handing out the cards
Me it only teased with the Queen of Hearts
Now look out for me on top of the moon
From here it seems to be scheduled way too soon
But only her touch could bring me back to this life
And show me for what all the living can strive
The wink of freedom I was once allowed to taste
Concluded to women and bad times for waste
But a crossing without signs makes it hard to decide
So here I am waiting for the soulless morning ride


© Words and Music by Ian Andrews


I wrote "Queen Of Hearts" while I was reading the stunning book "Timbers Of Fennario" by Joseph Williams. It is a collection of short stories inspired by the music and lyrics of The Grateful Dead and it is one of the best books out there!